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Bend Comparison of Chinese and English

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弯管 Bend

预制弯管 fabricated pipe bend
跨越弯管(^ 形) cross-over bend
偏置弯管(~ 形) offset bend
90°弯管 quarter bend
环形弯管 cirele bend
单侧偏置90°弯管(? 形) single offset quarter bend
S形弯管 “S” bend
单侧偏置U形膨胀弯管(| ?形) single offset “U” bend
U形弯管 “U” bend
双偏置U膨胀弯管 double offset expansion “U” bend
斜接弯管 mitre bend
三节斜接弯管 3-piece mitre bend
折皱弯管 corrugated bend
圆度 roundness
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Hebei Haoding Pipe&Fittings Co.,Ltd Tell: +86-317-6222566 Fax: +86-317-6289888 Email: sales1@hbhaoding.com ADDRESS: Industrial Park ,Yanshan County,Hebei Province,China